13:00-21:00        A    registration
09:00-22:00        A    registration
09:00-09:30        C    BDTA2017 Opening
09:30-10:30        C    Invited Talk
10:30-11:00        C    Coffee/Tea Break
11:00-12:00        C    BDTA2017 Oral Session
12:00-14:00        F    Lunch
14:00-16:00        C    Academic growth exchange for Young Scholars
    14:00-15:00    C    Thesis writing and publishing
    15:00-16:00    C    Refresher for Research Excellence
16:30-18:00        F    The participants exchange(Buffet)
18:30-22:00        B   ICPCSEE Steering commettee Working Conference

09:30-10:00    D    Opening
10:00-10:40    D    Invited Talk
10:40-11:20          Tea Break/Group photo
11:20-12:00    D    Invited Talk
12:00-14:00    F    Lunch
09:00-16:30          Demo+POSTER+Industrial Demo Track
14:00-16:30    D    Panel:Data science and Applications
13:00-16:30    G    Oral Session1-G
13:00-16:30    H    Oral Session1-H
13:00-16:30    I     Oral Session1- I
17:00-19:00    F    Banquet

09:30-10:10    D    Invited Talk
10:10-10:50    D    Invited Talk
10:50-11:10          Coffee/Tea Break
11:10-11:40    D    Invited Talk
11:40-12:00    D    ICPCSEE2018 Organizers Introduction
12:00-14:00    F    Lunch
09:00-16:30          Demo+POSTER+Industrial Demo Track
13:00-16:30    G    Oral Session2-G
13:00-16:30    H    Oral Session2-H
13:00-16:30    I     Oral Session2- I
17:00-18:30    F    Buffet

09:00-11:00          Demo+POSTER+Industrial Demo Track
08:00-11:30    G    Oral Session3-G
08:00-11:30    H    Oral Session3-H
08:00-11:30    I     Oral Session3- I
12:00-13:00    F    Lunch

A : Dong Lin Ge hotel
B : Dong Lin Ge hotel Meeting Room in 4th floor
C : Dong Lin Ge hotel Lecture Hall in 4th floor
F : Dong Lin Ge hotel Dining Hall in 1st floor
D : Central south university (central department) Shaw Building International Lecture Hall
G : Central south university (central department) Shaw Building 1st Meeting Room
H : Central south university (central department) Shaw Building 2nd Meeting Room
 I : Central south university (central department) Shaw Building 3rd Meeting Room